About Us


The Dream Team Cadets have been around since 1998. The vision of Gus Hernandez is to bring back the essence & elegance of the Victorian era along with the magical touch of the fairy tale stories. It started off as a small business and soon became a very popular dance group known as the “DREAM TEAM CADETS”.

Dream Team Cadets

In 1998, Gus organized a very unique group of boys between the ages of 14 to 17. He taught them how to properly greet others and how to maintain a good body posture and how to have an elegant sense of style while escorting and dancing with a quinceanera. It took hours of hard work and practice that goes with preparing the cadets for the quinceaneras special presentation.

Dream Team Cadets

The name (Dream team) signifies that a young lady’s dream quinceanera event has come true. Every event is taken very seriously and the dream teams director Gus Hernandez, makes sure that the quinceanera has the best presentation possible.

If you are planning or need help organizing your dream quinceanera, then contact us:

Gus:  214.339.4366 (mobile) or 214.942.6735 (office)

A little taste of the Dream Team Cadets